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The municipality, the Hogeschool Utrecht and Sport-Planner together with sportclubs and independent trainers launch a new pilot. More is possible than we think and we will make that happen together. We design a series of sport activities together with and for you!

Participating first and foremost means: Playing sports!

The good thing about it is: You decide how many weeks, how many times a week and which sports!

During this pilot we want to better understand what motivates you or deters you from doing sports in order to make this program fit for all.

Register now and save the date for the session on 14 April! (limited availability).

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Benefits to you

  • Right icon green Soon playing sports with others
  • Right icon green Provide input and co-design
  • Right icon green Pick up sports again or try new ones
  • Right icon green Organized activities without membership obligations
  • Right icon green Helpful app

Limited availability

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What to expect

  • Right icon Apply and help to develop
  • Right icon Participate in one or more (new) sport activities weekly
  • Right icon Spend five minutes a week on the motivation research
  • Right icon Play sports multiple weeks in a row with others
  • Right icon Co-design session on 14 april