“We exercise together for a well in Uganda”
“The whole company exercises to sponsor an artificial grass pitch behind our office for the local football club”
“For every 10 Sport-Planner points, one Euro for the WWF”
“ We have saved up a school building in Brazil for children from a slum”
“ In three months we had sported together a pool table!”

Sport-Planner wants to encourage companies to exercise more. A vital company is a better company. What could be more fun than saving as a company for a self-chosen goal?

Exercise together for a playing field in the neighborhood, or a new clubhouse for a local sports association. It can be a higher goal, such as KIKA or Unicef, or simply for a football table in the canteen.
Participation makes everyone play sports!

Group image foremployees

  • Right icon green Exercise together for a good cause
  • Right icon green All sports count, wherever you exercise!
  • Right icon green Pay sports expenses from gross income
  • Right icon green Form a team with your colleagues
  • Right icon green Collect medals for extra rewards

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