Free functionalities

Improve your marketing …

Web features easy to find

Easier to find by thousands of users and companies

You are immediately visible in the Sport-Planner app and your offer will appear in the list of suggestions from users of the app if relevant.

Web features profile

Public profile

We automatically create a great looking public website profile for you, so you are easier to find on the internet

Web features marketing

Extra visible to friends of customers

With our platform, you can easily expand your reach. We provide multiple services that will help you getting in touch with more customers!

For example: Your customers are reminded automatically to introduce their friends

Web features crm

Advanced customer
/ member management

- Put your trainings in the list of 'suggestions' of your customers and their friends

- Send messages to customers

- Invite groups of customers for your classes

Web features online classes

Online Classes

Offer online activities/trainings for your customer. It's ideal for the time we are living in right now.

Web features discount codes

Discount codes

Create discount codes that can be used by different people. Easy to use for example for advertisement

…simplify your administration…

Web features agenda

Agenda management

Sport-Planner helps you to manage your agenda. The planning tools also work for customers who do not use the app. It also helps you register everyone so you can organize corona-proof!

Web features subscriptions

Subscriptions & 
multi cards

And several other easy payment options. These tools don't only help you to save time, they also make the lives of your paying customers easier and will give you a better view of your finances!

Web features report

Monthly financial report

Don't waste your time on administration. We create a monthly report with revenue and tax split.

Do you want an invoice per customer? See the extra options below

Web features easy finance

Custom invoices
per individual customer

Creating invoices for individual customers is done with the push of a single button!

This will help you save time doing your finances!

Web features availability

Set time slots for 
customers to book

Allow your customers to book a training/lesson with you based on your availability. You set your own availabilty and booking options.

Web features credit

Allocate credits to customers

Allocate credits to your customers based on payments outside of the app (for example based on payments in cash)

…and make things better for your customers!

Web features app

Great app for your customers

Our app is rated a 4.8 / 5 starts in the app store

Web features fromsalary

Pay from gross salary

Anybody can pay for your classes, subscriptions or multi-cards from their gross salary, if they have agreed so with their employer

Web features motivate

Extra motivation to exercise

We motivate your customers in many ways to exercise more often

You help people exercise, so we help you!